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The story behind TernX

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Hello there! Tack & Hoe Ping here..

A global shift to family travel is underway. Now that we are living in a much more dynamic lifestyle when it comes to travel, families will appreciate a carry on that allows for more than one use, brings convenience, and make spending time together fun.

In the summer of 2018 we established a team that knew a thing or two about traveling with children. As avid travelers with first-hand experience twice over, we saw an opportunity to redefine family travel; solving real-life travel challenges by creating the ultimate solution for parents.

Over the years, we have tried and tested countless products, from luggage to strollers and the like. After a failed global search for a versatile product with the style, safety, and benefits that make it convenient for parents to travel with their little ones, we created TernX Carry On, a hybrid that is more than just luggage - it's a promise for a better, freer way to travel. 

The world is yours to explore and we believe that families don't have to go all that far to explore, dream and discover.  Life can be GREAT when you try something NEW. Families that travel together, stay together.


Join the family travel revolution today!

TernX Story
TernX Carry On
Things were not always that way...

Traveling should be a time filled with excitement, yet it left us with feelings of stress and worry, even before we step out the door!  Airport anxiety, long queues, lost baggage, keeping everything together, and the thought of long wait times at baggage collection all playing a role (not to mention the number of check-in strollers damaged during transit!)

Family travel can be exhausting at times and those who say otherwise must be superhuman. But in spite of those awkward moments, there are many fun and laughable ones that give us great memories and remind us why we do love to travel.

We have spent a fortune on products in the hope of making our travel life that bit easier. Through years of research, surveys, and discussions with like-minded parents around the world, we discovered what works and what doesn't, but more importantly what parents want.

Three years later, TernX is set to revolutionize the way families travel. Designed to make your life that little bit easier, we strive to inspire a new generation of family travelers and enrich how they travel, live, and play.

Fast forward to today and to the future...

After thousands of hours of designing, tweaking, redesigning, prototyping, and traveling; We'll like to introduce to you TernX Carry On, the world's first family-friendly carry on luggage stroller hybrid. Compliant to international stroller standards, safety is paramount, so you can rest assure your kids are safe with us.

A problem solver which offers effortless travel time for families and makes every journey as enjoyable as the destination. Say goodbye to mountains of bags, sore arms, sore backs, and make the trip with minimal haste. TernX Carry On is the one you need, a truly unique premium luggage stroller with thoughtful features that solve real travel problems wherever you go.


Hop on a bus, catch the train, jump in a taxi, cruise away on a ship, or fly to the other side of the world! it's ready to go from your very first step.

At TernX we are creating world-leading Australian innovation and we are on the verge of putting our first travel product on the global stage, and you can be part of it.

TernX Carry On
Artic Tern
Why Tern?

We wanted something punchy and memorable that incorporates the notion of family and travel.


Arctic Terns love to travel, are migratory travelers, and have a worldwide distribution from the Arctic to the Antarctic. They travel distances of up to 70,000km on their annual migration cycles and researchers have estimated that over its lifetime, an arctic tern migrates about 2.4 million kilometers (1.5 million miles) - equal to 3 trips to the moon and back!

Despite their similar appearance, different species of Tern exhibit quite different behaviors, much like their human counterpart. Marsh Terns construct floating nests, Black Terns build nests of twigs, Blue Noddies build nests in cliff ledges. The Inca tern nests in disused Penguin burrows and the White Tern is unique in that it lays its single egg on a bare tree branch.

A unanimous decision was made that the arctic tern would form the foundation of the brand as we believe terns are a fitting representation of our community. Despite being similar in so many ways, all of you are unique in your behaviours and requirements with one thing in common, we all love to travel! might be thinking why the X? well, that’s for the eXploration, eXperience, and eXcitement you can expect from us! 😀